Government Knowledge Apprenticeships give you an excellent opportunity to expand your workforce with newly trained and enthusiastic apprentices or develop further the skills of existing staff members.


Apprenticeships give you the chance to develop your skills in the workplace, whether it’s a new role or an existing one.


Apprenticeships provide the opportunity for employers to develop a new member of staff, and for employees to learn a range of new skills on the job. As well as working day to day in the office or workplace, learners are required to complete regular guided learning assignments over a period of at least 12 months.

During this time, they will undertake the following qualifications in addition to covering personal and learning thinking skills.

NVQ level 2

in business and administration.

Level 2 technical certificate

in business and administration.

Functional skills in english,

maths and ICT.

Employee rights

and responsibilities.

Competence qualification
Knowledge qualification
ICT skills
English skills
Math skills