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With our apprenticeships you can develop your skills and gain high quality business qualifications whilst remaining in full-time employment.

We currently have apprenticeship programmes in Business and Administration, which covers a wide range of office and work place roles and duties. Each of these apprenticeships can be delivered at either an intermediate (level 2) or advanced (level 3) level, depending on your and your employer's needs.

All apprentices must be UK residents and must not have a degree or higher level qualification. You will also need the permission of your employer who will play an important part in the development of your apprenticeship.

We provide guidance and support for your learning assignments throughout your time on the scheme, enabling you to have the confidence that you can progress successfully through this side of your apprenticeship, while at the same time you are learning the specific skills needed to carry out your role and responsibilities.


Government Knowledge Apprenticeships give you an excellent opportunity to expand your workforce with newly trained and enthusiastic apprentices or develop further the skills of existing staff members.

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