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Bespoke Training



of bespoke training

Courses can be delivered at any location

nationally or internationally.

We will work with you to deliver training at a date

and time that suits you.

Course content is created specifically

with your organisation in mind.

Our trainers can work through specific issues

that you seeking to address.

OA cost effective solution as travel costs and cost

per delegate are reduced significantly.

Bespoke training design and in-house training opportunities for organisations and delegates:

Our in-house learning solutions are specifically suited to your requirements, giving you the flexibility to arrange the times and location best suited to your business, on your own premises, in your own country.

Our bespoke solutions allow your training to have key focus areas specific to your company, in order to address your organisational needs. We will work with you both pre-event and post-event to ensure that your staff and colleagues receive the highest level of training and understanding from our expert trainers and speakers.

Our five step process is designed to make it as easy for you as possible to secure the right training for your organisation.


An initial conversation with our director of training will define your areas of interest, your precise development needs and the extent to which you wish to have the training tailored specifically to your staff and organisational context.


We can then identify and allocate the most suitable trainer from our pool of experts.


This expert will then arrange a conversation in person with the most appropriate person or people in your organisation to discuss the exact content of the agenda and the approach to be taken in delivering the training.


We then develop an agenda proposal for your analysis and approval. This can be modified as necessary taking into account your input and feedback, as seeing the proposed agenda can often clarify for you to an even greater extent what you are seeking to achieve. (Working with a concrete document is in itself an informative and productive exercise).


We will then agree a date for delivery to fit in
with your timescales.