Apprenticeships give you the chance to develop your skills in the workplace, whether it’s a new role or an existing one.


Government Knowledge Apprenticeships give you an excellent opportunity to expand your workforce with newly trained and enthusiastic apprentices or develop further the skills of existing staff members. The programme will impress upon your apprentices the key skills needed to improve their competence and ability to contribute to your organisation’s success.

We currently have apprenticeship programmes in Business and Administration, which covers a wide range of office and work place roles and duties. Each of these apprenticeships can be delivered at either an intermediate (level 2) or advanced (level 3) level, depending on your and your employee’s needs. Any number of apprenticeships can be undertaken by your organisation. Apprentices must be UK residents, employed by your company and must not have a degree or higher level qualification.

Each programme lasts from 12 to 18 months, and so represents an important investment in your staff. However, staff who receive intensive, quality training will stay with a company for longer, helping you improve retention and overall employee skills base.

Your apprentice should work for a minimum of 32 hours per week. The minimum wage that you need to pay is £3.30 per hour, although many employers choose to pay more than this. Grants are also available to cover part of your costs from the Skills Funding Agency, and Government Knowledge will organise this aspect of the logistics for you.

Employability Programme

We can additionally source new apprentices for you from your local area, with our Employbility Programme. These will be young people, but come with the full apprenticeship training package, and provide a valuable opportunity to expand your workforce at the same time as you develop your staff skill levels.

After first meeting or conversation with the employer to ascertain their individual organisation requirements we will advertise for the Apprenticeship Vacancy through the National Apprenticeship Service Vacancy Matching (NAVMS) Website.

All applications will be assessed to ensure that they meet with the Company and Funding requirements. We will arrange preliminary interviews and after this create a short list for the Employer to interview and decide upon their ideal candidate. This service ensures that the right apprentice is found for the company.

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