Tony Cash

Training Consultant

Aim & Objectives

November 21, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 4:45 pm
Central Manchester

Developing a strong and effective policy proposal can make the difference between the success and failure of a policy. It ensures deadlines are met and maintained within budget, and enables the implementation of a successful policy.
Removing the complexity of industry jargon and demystifying the intricacy of policy development this course has been curated to introduce delegates to the essential skills required for policy development, and to lay the foundations to progress policy design.
‘Developing Policy – The Essentials’ will allow delegates to map out the policy development process whilst implementing tools and techniques to ensure policies remain on time and within budget. Keeping in mind the policy aims this seminar will provide resources to assess various policy decisions and their efficacy for creating a strong policy.
Facilitated by policy development specialist Zoe Collier this course will provide you with the tools to accurately assess how the policy will be received by the media and those it will impact, and in turn pre-empt its consequences.

Who should attend?

An essential course for anyone working in roles that require an understanding of policy creation in both the public and private sector.

Benefits of attending the course

By attending this course delegates will be able to:

  • Delegates will have a clear understanding of what policy is – why it is needed, when it is best applied, and what problems it can tackle
  • A clear understanding of the complexity of policy formulation and the hurdles faced to successful implementation
  • How to identify the main players in policy formulation
  • How to create the critical frameworks and techniques for policy development
  • Where to source reliable evidence when developing policy and to ensure it is based on thoroughly analysed information
  • How to design and propose impartial and objective policy options
  • How to appraise and evaluate policy proposals

Course Overview

  • Introduction, Course Structure and Approach
  • Frameworks and techniques for policy development
  • Evidence analysis
  • Proposing policy options
  • Methods for policy appraisal evaluation

Policy interventions and their reality


Day 1