Luke Roberts

Training Consultant

Aim & Objectives

November 28, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Central Bristol
£ 499.00

Being able to clearly and concisely articulate your thoughts even when under pressure is a skill that is useful across all forms of communication. It enables you to communicate confidently and convincingly whether that be in a relaxed one-on-one setting or in a large formal group meeting.

This course led by executive training consultant Clive Steeper is designed to help you understand why being asked questions can cloud your clarity when communicating. It also aims to improve your ability to gather your thoughts and communicate them quickly and clearly when under pressure.

Who should attend?

Anyone looking to develop techniques for articulating their thoughts clearly and confidently without delay in any given situation.

Benefits of attending the course

  • The various causes of stress when communicating
  • How to manage this stress
  • How to structure thoughts quickly
  • How to articulate ideas confidently and concisely
  • How to be authentic in your responses
  • Techniques to enhance your ability to communicate when under pressure

Course Overview

  • Introduction Course Structure and Approach
  • Questions and what they provoke within us
  • Improvisation practice
  • Buying yourself thinking time
  • Four structured techniques to answering questions
  • Understanding the perception of others


Day 1